Private Owner Circular Letters

Please remember that these are historical documents from the era of the Private Wagon Registration Agreements. Accordingly, the advice contained within them would have been accurate on the date of issue but may not reflect the latest experience, standards and practices.
POCL Index Issue 06-13
POCL 312 Issue 2 (Greasing of Brake Beam Slides)
POCL 331 Issue 2 (Greasing of Steel-on-Steel Centre Pivots)
POCL 334 Issue 1 & Memo (UIC Double Suspension)
POCL 359 Issue 1 (Acceptance Testing of Components and Privately Owned Wagons for running on BR lines)
POCL 362 Issue 1 (Girling Disc Brakes – Temperature and Clearances)
POCL 397 Issue 1 (100 Ton Tank Wagons Brake Gear Split Pins)
POCL 406 Issue 1 (UIC Type Double Link Suspension – Wear Limits)
POCL 426 Issue 2 (Friction Grip Fasteners – alternatives to Hot Rivets)
POCL 454 Issue 1 (Brake Adjustment on Tank Wagons)
POCL 457 Issue 2 (Reclamation of Scored Axles)
POCL 460 Issue 1 (Testing of Air Brakes at Sidings and Outstations)
POCL 470 Issue 1 (Gloucester 3-Piece Bogies – Constant Friction Damping)
POCL 473 Issue 2 (Design and Manufacture of Laminated Springs)
POCL 475 Issue 1 (Dispensations UIC Type Double Link Suspension, Auxillary Suspension Rubber, Bearing Springs)
POCL 481 Issue 2 (Primary Suspension Damping on FBT6, VNH1 and Y Series Bogies)
POCL 484 Issue 4 (Measurement of Frame Twist and Wheel Loads on Two-Axle Wagons)
POCL 494 Issue 1 (Identification and Removal of Oleo Buffers from Freight Vehicles)
POCL 500 Issue 1 & Memo (Safety Loops)
POCL 506 Issue 4 (Non-DestructiveTesting (NDT) of Axles by UAT and MPI)
POCL 515 Issue 1 (Use of High (P30) & Low (P15) Phosphorus Cast Iron Brakeblocks)
POCL 523 Issue 2 (Periodic Overhaul of Air Brake Equipment)
POCL 544 Issue 1 & Memo (Bogie Tank Wagon Broken Coil Springs Gloucester and ESC (Davis and Lloyd Patented) Bogies with Second)
POCL 545 Issue 3 (Suspected Defective Axle Bearings found in Service)
POCL 546 Issue 4 (Axle Bearing Greases, Seals and Overhaul Standards
POCL 549 Issue 1 (Brake Blocks of Composite Material – Limits of Cracking)
POCL 552 Issue 2 (Gloucester GPS Bogie Frames Visual Inspection and UT MPI Procedures)
POCL 552 Issue 2 (INIDAM TP UT 26 03 Issue 3 Revision A 28 08 2003)
POCL 553 Memorandum (Wheel Mounted Disc Brakes)
POCL 555 Issue 4 (Transit Moves, Storage De-Registration and Re-Commissioning of traction & Rolling Stock
POCL 556 Issue 1 (Sambre et Meuse Y25 Cast Frame Bogies – Examination & Renewal of Side Bearer Spring Seats)
POCL 557 Issue 2 (Magnetic Particle Inspection of Instanter Couplings and Drawhooks)
POCL 559 Issue 2 (Flanging Brake Blocks)
POCL 562 Issue 2 (Identification and Reporting of Axle Bearing Defects Damage)
POCL 568 Issue 3 (Rolling Stock In-Service Inspections – The Registered List)
POCL 569 Issue 3 (Incident Management and Evidence Gathering)
POCL 572 Issue 3b (Wheelchex)
POCL 586 Issue 4 (Engineering Acceptance of Rail Vehicles)
POCL 588 Issue 3 (Registration of Rail Vehicles and Mandatory Data Requirements)
POCL 590 Issue 3 (Additional Requirements for the Repair of Tank Wagons)
POCL 605 Issue 7 (Recording and Reporting of Safety Related Information)
POCL 613 Issue 3 (Care of Parabolic Springs)
POCL 614 Issue 2 (Manufacture of Parabolic Spring)
POCL 617 Issue 1 (Vertical Transom Plate Fractures in Fabricated Y25 Bogie Frames)
POCL 618 Issue 2 (Lifting and Handling of Wagons at Maintenance Events)
POCL 619 Issue 1 (Prohibition of Lifting or Jacking of Wagons by Centre Couplers)
POCL 620 Issue 1b (Recording of Incidents that occur in Private Sidings)
POCL 621 Issue 2 (Renewal of Registration of Wagons)
POCL 622 Issue 2 (Private Owner Primary Contacts)
POCL 625 Issue 1 (UAT Periodicities for Axles without Raised Wheelseats)
POCL 626 Issue 3 (Wheelset Maintenance)
POCL 628 Issue 2 (Supplier Accreditation, Safety Critical Work and Staff Competence)
POCL 628 – Attachment Managing Fatigue
POCL 628 Attachment – The Railways and Other Guided Transport Systems (Safety) Regulations 2006 – Guidance on Regulations April 2006
POCL 629 Issue 1 (The Board’s regulations – including BR11888 Regulations for Repairing Privately Owned Wagons)
POCL 631 Issue 1 (Inspection of TF25 Bogie Radial Arm Axlebox Castings)
POCL 632 Issue 1 (TF 25 Bogie Radial Arm Axlebox Bushes)
POCL 633 Issue 1b (Inspection and Maintenance of Tank Wagon Manlids and Seals)
POCL 634 Issue 3 (Maintenance Documentation)
POCL 636 Issue 1 (Axle Bearing Fitment in TF25 Bogie Radial Arm Castings)
POCL 637 Issue 1 (Residual Payload left in Wagons)
POCL 638 Issue 2 (Axles supplied by SMR Romania)
POCL 639 Issue 22 Railway Group Standards
POCL 639 Issue 20 (Railway Group Standards Appendix A)
POCL 641 Issue 1 (Deviations against POCLs)
POCL 642 Issue 4b (Freight Technical Committee Business Standards)
POCL 643 Issue 2 (Balanced Maintenance)
POCL 644 Issue 1 (TF25 Bogies Fitted With Integrally Mounted Brake Push Rods)
POCL 645 Issue 4 (Alterations to Private Owner Wagons)
POCL 647 Issue 1 (Screw Couplings manufactured by Brockhouse Group Ltd.)
POCL 648 Issue 1 (Glossary of Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms)
POCL 649 Issue 1 (VNH1 Bogie Frame Fracture)
POCL 650 Issue 1b (Modification to Y25 Bogie Clasp Brake Banana Link)
POCL 651 Issue 2 (Additional Maintenance Requirements for Gloucester MkIV Floating Axle Pedestal Suspensions)
POCL 653 Issue 1 (Distorted Axle Bearing Abutment Rings)
POCL 654 Issue 3 (Checking the correct functioning of Haldex SAB AA1 Automatic Brake Slack Adjusters)
POCL 658 Issue 2 (Cracks in Gloucester Three-Piece Bogie Bolsters – Disc Braked Wagons Only)
POCL 659 Issue 2b (Wagon Markings)
POCL 660 Issue 1 (Service Inspection of Parabolic Springs)
POCL 661 Issue 2 (Inspection of Threaded Eye Bolts on Bottom Door Mechanism)
POCL 662 Issue 1 (TF25 Bogies – Inspection of Wheel Lift Bracket Fixing Bolts)
POCL 662 Issue 2 (TF25 bogies – Inspection of Wheel lift Bracket (cast frame type) Fixing Bolts
POCL 663 Issue 1a (Screw Coupling Failure)
And the original POCL1 from 1923
POCL 1 from 1923